Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Little Piece of Florida's "Forgotten Coast"

A travel photoblog is something that I've been procrastinating about for years. I've journaled my way across the oceans, promising myself I'd add blogging to my list of 'web-to-dos', and finally....I'm doing just that.

Florida's "Forgotten Coast"? How could any of Florida's beaches still claim that title? I couldn't pass up adding it to the list of 'out of the way' places I wanted to visit on our first adventurous RV road trip.
After the recent 2010 gulf oil spill disaster, I really wanted to visit some Florida panhandle beaches again to see what was going on with any oil reaching shore, so Indian Pass and St.Vincent Island at Apalachicola Bay would be the first stop on the way. We decided we'd stay at Indian Pass Campground
Arriving late in the afternoon meant the office was closed, and a list of available sites was posted.  The office/store had alot of character and made me laugh. Although the grounds were located at the beach, the campsite itself was under beautiful (and welcome) shade trees. We picked an available spot, made our way to our site and set up.

This friendly guy greeted us when we arrived at the camp.

A good site just a few steps from the beach.

It was just at sunset when we were able to take our first walk on the beach and look at the island across Indian Pass. Wow, the beach there was so secluded and it was such a beautiful area to photograph...and I am very happy to report that there had been no oil problems on the beach.

Sunset at Indian Pass, overlooking St.Vincent Island NWR.
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St.Vincent Island NWR is practically a stones through from the mainland campsite. Only a quarter mile across the pass, and there is a shuttle service to take visitors over daily.

St. Vincent Island is over 12,000 sq. acres and 9 miles long, so taking a bike for
the trails can be a good idea.
Here is a great fact sheet and brochure about this beautiful, wildlife rich
island and it's interesting history.

The next morning we were up early for some exploring and photographing. It felt like a private beach. What a great start to this journey!  It's great to be able to travel with our dogs on this trip, too.  However, dogs are not allowed over on St.Vincent Island because of the red wolves breeding program.

Bruce, Boomer and Boots.   My B³

The weather was beautiful, I had the place practically to myself.  Photographer's dream!

One of my favorite beach images from the trip!
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Heading toward St.Vincent Island

This barrier island is home to many birds, including ospreys, bald eagles, Peregrine falcons, and wood storks . Also on the island you can find alligators, Sambar deer and white-tailed deer. The island is also a haven for endangered species including Loggerhead sea turtles, indigo snakes, gopher tortoises and the red wolf. 
For lots of great info about wildlife seasons and sightings visit here.
We felt that finding St. Vincent was like finding a jewel in the gulf!  Heading back to visit during cooler Florida fall/winter/spring temps for all day exploring on the island is a must!
Early morning light at Indian Pass...
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Great Blue Heron, wading and fishing...

Locals meet...

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View of the Indian Pass, FL changing shoreline. 
Lone palm still standing just at the water line.
Reminds me of how change comes to everything. 
St.Vincent Island in background.

Framed by palms...

More locals...

Blue skies and pink clouds contrast with golden sea oats.
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Sea grasses in the breeze as rain clouds roll in from the gulf.
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A wonderful place for meditation and relaxation.
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More of Florida's beautiful gulf coast!
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This guy ran the campground.
Unfortunately he was not agreeable to having a free
photo shoot.  So aloof!

These lovelies bloom every morning on the beach. 
This is the stuff you need to slow down to appreciate.

Although we only spent a couple of days in the area, we enjoyed the quiet beauty enough to want to go back to the area again soon and enjoy more of the mainland beaches and the barrier islands. It's an area that is never "forgotten" after you've experienced it.

Before we left, we ran into Mr. Bill and invited him to join us as we head toward Destin Beach for our next stop along the Florida panhandle.  He was at first terrified of our labs, but we assured him he'd be safe.

Bill being Bill.  Another B on my trip... does this mean something?

Ok, Boots is ready to roll, so we'll see you next post from Destin Beach!


  1. Beautiful photos! They made me feel like I was there with you AND made me want to visit at the same time!

  2. Thank you so much Ava! I really appreciate your kind comment. A real compliment coming from you.

    And thanks very much to you Win! You are a wonderful supporter and thank you so much for being my first follower!

  3. I did enjoy that. I look forward to the next edition

  4. Essemmgee, I am so happy you have stopped by, my friend :) Thank you so much!